Allied Automation - 爱尔兰

盟军自动化在1998年在都柏林成立。本公司业务的主要方面是由世界领先的医疗,制药和生命科学公司的许多人使用的自动化装配机器制造。Allied Automation拥有自己的现代化高精度研讨会,并表示推动Alphacam’sWaveform strategy to the limit has reduced rough machining cycles by half.


生产经理欧文Donnelly说再保险cently completed a 15 month-long project for an assembly and test machine for feeding various sizes of catheters, coiling them on multiple mandrels, stripping them and loading them into sterile pouches, and sealing them at a rate of 30 PPM.


所有盟友的自动化机器可以包含多达5,000个组件,并且从小型台式大会辅助到6米x 2.5米的独立机器时变化。

“We complete everything in-house: design, development, production, electrical, pneumatics process control, vision inspection, and robotics. All the high-precision parts are produced in our tool room on CNC milling machines and lathes controlled by Alphacam.



Toolmaker Daniel Monaghan的一点呼应。“原本我们担心升高饲料和速度率,如填土的推荐将损坏我们的切割工具,因此我们起初慢慢地跑了循环。一旦我们意识到它有效地工作,我们的信心增长了,我们将其推向极限。这是我们现在如何工作的方式,它在粗加工循环上减少了一半的时间。“


他补充说,一个详细的-step procedure of using Alphacam begins when he imports a drawing from SolidWorks and decides on the type of tooling required. “I extract the solid model and check the radii to see what size cutters are required, including any ball nose cutters for 3D milling, then I check what roughing cycles are required for pockets and holes, and any 3D work.”

Once that is completed the program is created and a simulation is run. The required material is prepared – usually aluminium, stainless steel, ertalyte polymer, or acetal. After setting up the material on the machine, a list of tools is created. The final programme is then run to machine the required product.Allied-Auotmation-Machined-Parts

He says Alphacam makes his job much easier, reducing time, stress, and errors. “For example, if we were selecting a number of holes before, we would really have to focus on the various sizes resulting in potential errors. Now Alphacam groups them together, saving time and eliminating the risk of errors.”

Alphacam recently-introduced ribbon-style bar and fully customisable quick access radial interface, this originally took Daniel Monaghan and his colleagues well out of their comfort zone. “But once we got used to these new functions and realised the benefits, it has made our work easier and much more efficient.”

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